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Can I sleep over tonight?

from Demo (2010) by Dusty Awe



Can I sleep over tonight:
By Dusty Awe

Excuse me but can I sleep on your floor?
You can trust me though you shouldnt - we never met before.
- And I know you didnt offer - and I feel bad I have to ask
As soon as the bar closes - I'm out on my ass

I wouldnt take up much space, I'll try not to make a mess.
You wont wake up in the morning - tied up wearing a dress.
- And I wouldnt steal your liver, your girlfriend or your beer.
I'll even do the dishes if you just dont leave me here.

Excuse me but can I sleep on your floor?
I'm tired and I dont want to stay awake no more.
- I dont want to start a riot - my hearts here on my sleeve.
I promise to keep quiet - please I just need some sleep.

I'll make coffee in the morning - I'll fry the pancakes too.
I'll do all of your laundry if you let me do mine too.
- And then maybe we'll be friends forever - you might lend me some cash,
before we go to bed tonight - I'll let you smoke my grass.

If when this evenings over I dont have a place to stay,
the guilt of your warm bed just wont let you drift away
cause you know - I know - you had space you didnt give away
And you know - it might, come back to you someday...
and hount you in some horrible horrible horrible way.

Excuse me but can I sleep on your couch?
Get a shower, a blanket, a pillow and a hug.
- would you wake me in the morning - if it isnt too much fuzz
I dont need to get up early - but I need to catch a bus


from Demo (2010), released November 26, 2010
Written and composed by, Michael Sulbæk.
Recorded by Jonathan Camacho




Dusty Awe Denmark

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