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Big FAT waste of SPACE

from Demo (2010) by Dusty Awe



Big FAT waste of SPACE:
By Dusty Awe

It seems like surviving life is hard
Succeed in school, get a wife and a job
Eat your greens for dinner and wear sunscreen in the sun

There's a whole lot more to living, than to just staying alive
And I swear that I would do it if I only had the time

Cause sometimes it's hard to get good grades in school
And sometimes it's hard to get a job
Sometimes it's hard finding a person who'll
Always love - just the way you are
Who'll always love you just how you are

They say that everything that happens' just a normal part of life
And for every politician there's a hundret different lies

No matter how you vote the politicians always win
I've started to believe we probably never changed a thing

And sometimes it's hard getting ahead in life
And sometimes it's just hard getting the truth
Something that I worry 'bout when I lay in bed at night
Are things that we go through
All the things that we went through

It's like one of those relationships
Where the someone always has to beg for sex
And we're all "that someone"
But someone else is "The man".

And life's one big headache and I cant understand.

...why so many has to die for it
why so many just dont give a shit
why the ones who always profit are the ones who dont need more

life could be so fucking great - if I had the time to live it but it's short...

And we ignore all the problems - and take what we need
The animals the ocean the air and trees...
Even though it is so f-ing obvious to see...
We'll just go on destroying - you and me

I think that you should tell me - if you think I've lost my mind
And if everything we're doing's not a fucking waste of time
That I'm not just a big fat waste of time
Tell me that I'm not just a fucking waste of time
Please tell me I'm not just a big fat waste of space
I wish someone would just give it to me straight!!!
I wish someone would just give it to me straight!!!


from Demo (2010), released November 26, 2010
Written and composed by, Michael Sulbæk.
Recorded by Jonathan Camacho




Dusty Awe Denmark

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